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tiepiece in radica di noce

Walnut burl

A magnificent wood with rich and warm shades, coming from California.

A real classic.

Amboyna burl

A precious wood with a velvety aspect and with a peculiar reddish and dark-brown color.

A true masterpiece.


The emphasized wave and the sparkling color are the peculiarity of this wood coming from Asia.

An Eastern jewel.


In the collettive imagination, maple recalls the ability of expert flutists in the realization of stringed instruments.

This is real harmony


A perfumed wood, with an exquisite weave and a golden colour.

Traditionally Mediterranean.

Poplar burl

The unique feature of this burl is the contrast between the elegance of white wooden colour and the yellow-dark brown intensity of its rooted part.

An updated classic.


With his colours, rosewood is a very perfumed wood, with a sweet scent.

An essence to wear.


Birds eye maple

It's believed that the tipical swirling eyes of this wood are drawn by drops of water trapped inside wood fibers due to frost.

A stunning result. 

Birch burl 

This wood is so fine and wonderful due to the particular freezing conditions characteristic of Scandinavia.

The north diamond.


Protagonist in Central America, his virtue has been rediscovered in Europe thanks to artistic trend of the 18th century.

Perfectly fashionable.

Alburn of walnut burl

Brighter than the burl duramen, alburn is his younger and external part, the most lively one.

A spark of live.


A refined and rare wood due to its caratteristic black color and faint grain.

The dark side.

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